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Refund Policy

Prior to the first event (game/practice) of each session (even if the game/practice is cancelled), a player who can no longer participate due to a serious injury and who has produced a doctor's note may, in the sole discretion of East Ave Lacrosse, be entitled to a refund of their dues, minus registration fees, deposits, a service charge, and any other expenses incurred on behalf of the player.

After the first event of the season, no refunds will be granted.    A player who can no longer participate due to a serious injury and who has produced a doctor's note may, in the sole discretion of East Ave Lacrosse, be granted a prorated credit for future East Ave Lacrosse programs.

Financial Consent Policy

I understand that my registration fee, deposit, and team dues are non-refundable and non-transferable, except as specifically allowed by East Ave Lacrosse. By participating in the East Ave Lacrosse program I/we agree and acknowledge that the participant/team member is financially responsible for the East Ave Lacrosse team/individual dues related to the position/opportunity offered by East Ave Lacrosse Program. We honor the commitment made by the athlete/participant by securing a position in the stated program/season. By providing full payment or a payment plan offered by East Ave Lacrosse and maintaining good standing by the participant, that participant has full rights to all of the opportunities of play, travel, support made available to a team member of the East Ave Lacrosse program. All events, tournaments, practices, travel, food, and lodging, as applicable, are pre-planned and prepaid. In special scenarios (Doctor or physicians written statement of injury that would take them out of play) East Ave Lacrosse may attempt to find a substitute player but is not responsible to fulfill that obligation. If a substitute is found East Ave Lacrosse may consider issuing a refund of some or all of the dues related to that event/position that has been fulfilled. It is the right and responsibility for the athlete/participant to attend agreed upon events that the team participates in.

If a payment is delinquent or payment comes back declined, the athlete may not be able to participate/travel until dues are received and/or account comes to terms agreed upon by East Ave Lacrosse.

All East Ave Players are required to be US Lacrosse Membership

You must register first with US Lacrosse and then return to this Registration Session to signup.  If you have not already signed up with US Lacrosse, please follow these steps:

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CURRENT US LACROSSE MEMBERSHIP:   CLICK HERE to go to US Lacrosse Registration and register your player(s). Be sure to PRINT and SAVE their confirmation code(s). Remember to register EACH of your players with US Lacrosse. Each player must have their own unique US Lacrosse confirmation number.


Photo and Video Release

I understand that photography and/or video of participants may be procured during activities and used in promotional materials, including publication on the East Ave Lacrosse website and social medial accounts. I consent to the use of images or likenesses of me and my child(ren) for promotional purposes by East Ave Lacrosse.

Weather Cancellations

Weather or other "factor" based cancellations will be communicated through by email. It is the responsibility of the athlete to check their email before events. Cancellations may have the possibility of being "made up" with either a lateral move, adjustment, or make up, but make ups are not guaranteed.

Athletes Concerns

Please communicate directly with the East Ave Lacrosse Staff regarding problems/concerns. Discussions with parents regarding player issues must be addressed with player/staff first. If an issue needs to be further addressed, a meeting will be scheduled with both a player and parent in attendance.